In this category you will find all the adhesives necessary for a perfect placement and installation of ceramic and porcelain. All glue cement models from manufacturers such as Gecol or Benfer at the best prices on the market.

The adhesives that we present will comply with all European UN and French Cstb regulations for all types of substrates, with the necessary advice for a perfect placement.

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G100 Flex is one of the main one-component adhesives that matcarrelage offers us. A deformable product complying with the S1 standard and with high performance.

10.7 € /unit (tax incl.)
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GECOL Porcelánico plaster is a single-component, deformable, high-performance cementitious adhesive, developed for the placement of all types of ceramics, porcelain stoneware, non-absorbent pieces, marbles, granites, natural and / or artificial stones, on plaster supports, plaster, anhydrite, perliescayola and other supports of a similar nature

15.3 € /unit (tax incl.)
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BENFERGRIP C2TE is a highly thixotropic powder adhesive, formulated with highly resistant cements, quartz of selected granulometries, synthetic resins and newly created special additives. The product has been thought and developed for the quick and safe laying even from top to bottom of all kinds of ceramic and tiles

7.4 € /unit (tax incl.)
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Borada Dekogrout is a water-repellent and antibacterial cement-based borada for all kinds of uses from 1 to 9 mm thick. Benfer Sealants

6.6 € /unit (tax incl.)
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